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O u r    s e r v i c e s


Product development and

advanced sealing solutions.


Provide correction or improvement of the current design.


A innovative way to manufacture seals in full scale, faster and cheaper.


Our experts can provide technical advice and project coordination.


W e    a r e    E n f l e x u s

Enflexus develops advanced sealing solutions. With direct access to leading experts, specialized know-how and innovative engineering skills, Enflexus has the experience, organization, pioneer methodology and network to serve multiple projects with advanced aerodynamic seals & sealing solutions.

Always seeing ourselves as part of a larger context, it is the vision of Enflexus to be the strongest link in the chain. We recognize that all details are important regarding the total performance of a system and we work continuously to contribute to the improvement of our customer’s products and solutions.

A   history   of   challenges   and   pioneering

Founded by engineers arising from the aeronautical industry where created processes and methodologies for seals & sealing development in a pioneer way.

Enflexus was born with an established track record which is complemented by key individuals in providing design and project execution services to the aircraft industry, focusing on aerodynamic seals & sealing project development.

Our mission is to apply creativity, knowledge, and practical experience to devise methods and hardware that respond to specific needs, and enable our clients to achieve their objectives.

Located in the city of Braga, north region of Portugal, Enflexus found the perfect environment for the conducive to technological development with availability of skilled labor and excellent geographical position. Those characteristics make Braga the perfect city for our headquarter.


Year Established


developed solutions




C o n t a c t    u s

+351 93 204 3117

 Rua Padre Manuel Guimarães, 180  |  Braga, Portugal  |  4700-284

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