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Aerodynamic seals & sealing

Invisible, but essential.


Enflexus has a unique development methodology built with several years of practical experience.

We are updated on the latest technology, pushing design, materials and constructions to the next level. Enflexus explores and develops new solutions, shapes and materials combination to provide a competitive edge to our customers.

Our experts can support your project with excellence at all stages of development, from concept to the series production.



Not always a product has the expected result, whether in its functionality, durability, performance or cost. Especially when it comes to a product of significant complexity and that demands multi-technological knowledge, such as seals and aerodynamic seals.

Enflexus has the experience and expertise to correct seal designs or improve them to meet established requirements. Not only the seals, but the entire structure and mechanisms of the interfaces, materials and manufacturing processes are evaluated to fit for the best result.



Enflexus has an innovative way to produce prototypes of seal, faster, cheaper and with a good quality.

Our in house workshop encompassing the latest rapid prototyping technologies and low volume production capabilities is an integral part of advanced manufacturing for new product development.

Having a prototype produced will allow the Engineering and the Design teams to review best practice techniques such as Design for Manufacture, Design for Assembly, as well as providing an excellent opportunity to carry out tests for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), before investing deeply in tooling for manufacturing.



Our team of professionals are each experts in their respective disciplines and each remains steadfast in their dedication to giving expert technical advice, project coordination and training, in a technical field considered a rarity in the industry.

During a new aircraft development program or a new project, the Enflexus engineers work closely to the aircraft development team. The compromise is to develop the best seal & sealing solutions, attending all the product requirements. 

Enflexus can support your company in every phase of the development from concept definition to serial production.

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